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Cardiff University Oncology Society

Hello everyone, so one of the things I have been throwing my energy into this year is a new society I have helped to start with some friends called Cardiff University Oncology Society. Though at first you could be forgiven for thinking that it sounds a bit dry, cancer now will affect 1 in 2

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Although I am having an amazing time in Germany, it was inevitable that at some point I would get a little homesick. I’ve experienced the usual staring at the shelves in Edeka wishing for Marmite and having my dad send me 160 bags of Yorkshire Tea. I’ve even found myself missing some really generic bars

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More questions answered…

Hell guys! Lots of you have been sending me questions via Facebook messenger. I thought I would do another post in which I answer some of the questions again so that everybody can see my answers! 1. Where can you go during placement year? I think I’ve answered this a couple of times already but I’ll

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Top tips for starting at university

It’s really weird being a recent graduate living in a city like Cardiff which is populated by so many students. I find myself looking out of coffee shop windows (enviously) as fresher’s rock up for their first term here, or final years moving into their new place in Cathays. There’s so much excitement in the

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