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21 (or maybe 19) Questions

So, one of Cardiff Uni’s open days is coming up (tomorrow, actually!) and I was thinking about my experiences with the myriad of open days I went to in years 12 and 13. One of the things I can remember very clearly is that I was completely overwhelmed, and- knowing that uni was going to

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Gyrfaoedd fin nos?

Dim ond ar ddamwain y des i ar draws sgwrs a oedd o ddiddordeb arbennig i mi fel myfyriwr Gwleidyddiaeth. Lwcus i mi weld nodyn gan fyfyriwr ychydig mwy cydwybodol na fi yn hysbysu’r digwyddiad ar dudalen Facebook y Gymdeithas Wleidyddiaeth. Rhaid cyfaddef nad oeddwn i wedi cofrestru â Gwasanaeth Gyrfaoedd Prifysgol Caerdydd…yng nghanol holl

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What’s Occurrin’?

It literally feels as if absolutely no time has passed at all since i was last sat in the library, resuming my day to day life in Cathays. And that’s the beauty of uni- you can be away from some of your best friends for 4 and a half months, on the other side of

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It’s starting to get serious in third year and we are only a few weeks into term. So far I’ve had 2 primary care patients, 1 contact lens patient, 3 special assessment patients, 2 low vision tutorials and a whole host of lectures, mostly at either 9am or 5pm. This means I am generally in

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