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‘Circle of Life’

Hello there! And so here we are, half way through the academic year and for me, half way through my final year at Cardiff. Although this term has been intense it’s also been hugely enjoyable and I’ve thrived meeting the demands of third year. The final week of uni was one of the busiest and

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Good-bye beer belly, hello turkey!

Hello all you wonderful people!   IT’S THAT WEEKEND AGAIN. It is insane how many people can travel across the globe at the same time. I am writing to you all now from Rome’s one and only Fiumicino Airport where i’ve literally and quite randomly spent my whole day (oh don’t we love christmas time

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Peek retina

This is a bit of a personal blog about something I am interested in rather than what is going on with me at university, although it is linked to my dissertation choice. For my dissertation I am looking at whether you can use a smartphone as an alternative to take pictures of the back of

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Fe ddaeth hi’n Wythnos 10! Mae’n anodd coelio cyn lleied o amser sydd ar ol o’r tymor hwn. Mewn dim bydd pawb yn mynd am adref ac yn ymbaratoi ar gyfer arholiadau a phrofion ac amrywiol asesiadau sydd i’w cyflwyno ar y ôl y Nadolig. Mae’n rhaid cyfaddef nad ydw i wedi cael llawer o

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It’s Christmas in Cardiff!

Cardiff at Christmas is the best thing ever. Like ever.   I mean, I love Christmas anyway – I’m ready to put up the tinsel in mid October – so when the rest of the city catches up with me I get happy. Winter Wonderland is amazing and I’m ready to go iceskating soon! As

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