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I am officially unemployed!

So that’s it!! I’ve done the coursework, survived the exams, got my results and now my undergraduate degree is done! I am now supposed to be making my way in the real world – that is the scary bit!! (and where the hard work starts). I’ve had a number of questions asked of me now

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What to do with your summer

Hello all! As I was planning my own summer I thought it might be useful to give some advice about what you could be doing, whether you’re hoping to go to University in September (or next September) or whether you’re already at University! This summer I’m volunteering to help with two research projects carried out

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The best views in Wales…

Two great things about Wales (apart from the people) are the landscapes and the food. I wanted to tell you a bit about my explorations recently when I visited North Wales and saw some of the best views ever… First, North Wales – only the most magical amazing beautiful place in the world. I got

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And relax….

Just over a week ago (at 3pm on Monday 1st June) I finished my final exam, and promptly did what most students do at that point. I breathed a huge sigh of relief that it was all over, felt emotional that it was done and so everyone would be moving on and then headed to

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Urdd Eisteddfod

“Croeso a Urdd Eisteddfod!” are the words that greeted me when I walked onto the site at Llancaiach Fawr last Saturday with my godparents and their youngest son. We were taking a trip to the Urdd Eisteddfod (Urdd is pronounced roughly like ‘irth’ and Eisteddfod ‘i-steth-vod’, for any non-Welsh speakers like myself). An Eisteddfod is

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96 Days of Summer

Hey everyone! So I’m very excited to tell you that for the first time in weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of not being woken up by alarm to revise….because I’ve finally finished my exams! Yesterday officially marked the end of year 2 and phase 1 of the course for about 100 or so of us

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