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‘Working on the Highway’

Hello everyone! Hope you are all well. I’m sat here in a very sunny morning in Cardiff intensely working on my dissertation – which is due in three weeks today exactly (how did that creep up on us?) This month has been really busy and fun and I have also gained another year since the

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So near and yet so far!

Easter is nearly up and boy do I wish it would last a little longer. Not because I have deadlines coming up, or even because the end of Easter means the beginning of exams. Its that it means I have only 5 more weeks of University left and its all over. Real life starts!  

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Eyeball 2015

After election season comes the Bristol visits for third years and then just before Easter it is time for the OPSOC annual Eyeball where everyone gets dressed up to the max in long dresses, tuxedos and the odd kilt. The Eyeball includes a 3 course meal, annual awards and the announcement of next years committee, as well

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C21 Curriculum Showcase

Hello everyone! I hope that you’re all now enjoying your well-deserved Easter holidays! Although I know that it might be hard to enjoy it if you’ve got to spend the next three weeks revising! (This is how I’m currently spending my time!). I’ve actually been pretty lucky in the fact that I’ve just finished reading

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Final year, final decisions

The time has come to write on a very serious topic guys… because the time has come for me to take life altering decisions. I apologize sincerely for my absence, it’s been a busy time of year… and receiving an official invite to my own graduation from Cardiff University a few days ago has definitely

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