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The last few weeks in Cardiff have been pretty hectic. Between 8 different coursework due .. (I still live to tell the tale haha) various nights out (although there haven’t been that many, but the nights that I have been out were great :) ), Autumn International matches on the weekends and birthdays, it’s been

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Rugby, Rugby & Rugby

I thought as the international rugby games are now upon us its worth a small blog to really emphasise the importance of rugby in Cardiff. Being a born and bred football fan I came to Cardiff without a single interest in the so called ‘real mans’ game. But after three years of it being thrust

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Rainy Movember

Hello all you wonderful people! Sending you all lots of love from sunny Bordeaux… I hope you are, or will be, enjoying a real movember’s month, Cardiff style! Before arriving to uni, I only had a faint idea of what movember consisted of. However, what I saw in Cardiff just literally… wowed me. So many

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‘Beat it’

Hello campers! How are we doing this week? Sorry for the lack of blog posting this month, I’ve been chock-a-block with deadlines and it’s so much scarier thinking how much this work is worth for the final year of the degree. As well as the seemingly never-ending deadlines I’ve also been working hard on the

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Eyeopener and AFTAs

Around this time of the year every year, optometry students from all over the country descend on a Centre Parcs for the AOP’s annual Eyeopener conference. It is aimed at 2nd year students (3rd year from Glasgow Caledonian) and provides a lot of information about what you can do with optometry as a career other

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Student Selected Components

Hello everyone! Once again I’ve had such a busy month this November in University. As we have whizzed through two more cases from our year 2 cased based learning, and also have had a week of something a little different. This week was part of ‘Student Selected Components (SSCs).’ Which are an opportunity for us

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