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Aarifa’s blog

The only dentist who is destined to have no teeth

Summer in Wales

‘ello there! Long-time no speak?! How ya’ll doing? Firstly megatron congrats for those who got their uni offers and are coming to joinnn meeehh in good old Caerdydd…land of the Welsh! Bring yee wellies lassies ‘cause you’re in for a puddle filled adventure! Filled with the awesomeness of dee Cardiff waters and the fields of

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Day Trip to Oakwood and City Road Food Rampage

Wanna know the best thing about Cardiff? City Road. Wanna know the worst thing about Cardiff? City Road. You will get fat…and you will like it. Not like “Oh look at my cute little food baby” fat… I’m talking discovering-my-long-lost-twin-and-endeavouring-to-ingest-her-so-now-my-BMI-has-doubled-and-I’m-a-chubba-monster…fat. Excuse the implied cannibalism and let me explain. So Cardiff is pretty multicultural. It’s a

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The final weeks of second year

So its summer, the sun is shining, the skies are blueeeee and everyone is freee from university! Ah who am I kidding? I’m a dental student. We don’t finish until end of July. END OF JULY. What is this cruelty they inflict upon us?! And we’re in Wales so blue skies are like raining watermelons.

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Dental School Survival Guide

Choosing dentistry is up there on my list of good life choices. I think it may even be my only wise life decision…**random monologue**… I spent £22 pounds on Nutella jars the other day, not so wise a life choice! You know that whole love pugs not drugs thing? I reckon Nutella should be up

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Life at Cardiff

Wales=Rain. My wellies have become my friends. My left boot is called Ricky and the right is Paul. We’ve had some good times trudging daily puddles together. But now Ricky and Paul are being neglected for maaa bootiful espidrilles ‘cause ITS SUNNY BABYYY! See, whenever it’s sunny in Cardiff, everyone over reacts. It’s only like

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